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CUSTOMER AGREEMENT: This Agreement is between Grafika360 Solutions Inc (" Grafika360 Solutions Inc") and you ("you" or "Customer"), as an authorized user of Grafika360 Solutions Inc, and governs the terms and conditions of your use of  Grafika360 Solutions Inc services. This Agreement, together with any operating rules, policies, price schedules, or other supplemental documents expressly incorporated herein by reference and published from time to time by  Grafika360 Solutions Inc (collectively, the "Agreement"), constitutes the entire agreement between  Grafika360 Solutions Inc and you regarding  Grafika360 Solutions Inc Services, and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. For purposes of this Agreement, " Grafika360 Solutions Inc" or "Services" are defined as any and all services provided by  Grafika360 Solutions Inc to you either now or in the future. By using  Grafika360 Solutions Inc, you confirm your acceptance of, and agree to be bound by, this Agreement.

In this Contract the terms " Grafika360 Solutions Inc", "we", "our", and "us" refer to  Grafika360 Solutions Inc, a division of  Grafika360 Solutions Inc., and "you" and "your" to refer to the person or company that is identified on the application form of our website as our customer. "Service" means  Grafika360 Solutions Inc offers Services described on its website http://www.grafika360.com. Individually, the Services are but are not limited to:

Authorized Usage:
 Grafika360 Solutions Inc possesses full and complete ownership of any and all images, virtual tours and website that we have been contracted to produce. There is no other entity with rights or ownership of images, virtual tours and the website produced by Grafika360 Solutions Inc, unless  Grafika360 Solutions Inc has given its express written permission.  Grafika360 Solutions Inc authorizes its clients to use the images, virtual tours and website produced for the sole purposes of marketing their property for sale (website(s), newspaper advertisements, TV) and for any other advertising related to the sale of the property.
Grafika360 Solutions Inc does not authorize use of any materials we produce (i.e. Feature Sheet PDF files, photographs, etc.) for listing presentations or any other soliciting of new business without expressed written consent and approval from  Grafika360 Solutions Inc.

Any pictures taken or virtual tours made of real estate properties become the property of  Grafika360 Solutions Inc and we reserve the right to use these pictures or virtual tours in any promotional activities and/or advertisements in print media, internet, television or radio. No identifiable information (e.g. car license plate numbers, home addresses, etc.) that may get captured in our work will ever be released to anyone and will be blurred out before such pictures or virtual tours are used for said purposes.

Real Estate Bylaws:
All content and virtual tours are to follow the bylaws of all governing real estate associations and boards. If these requirements are not met it is the realtor's responsibility to contact grafika360.com to adhere to the bylaws.

Interruption of Service:
You hereby acknowledge and agree that Grafika360 Solutions Inc and its suppliers will NOT be liable for any delay, outages or interruptions of the Services due to technical difficulties or interruption of services provided by Internet Service Providers. Further, Grafika360 Solutions Inc shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this agreement, where such delay or failure results from any act of God or other cause beyond its reasonable control (including, without limitation, any mechanical, electronic, communications or third-party supplier failure).

Reliability of Information:
All information displayed on the Site is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. No warranties or representations are made of any kind. Upon request information and photographs can be altered or removed within a reasonable time period. grafika360.com is not responsible for the contents in the photographs. If some of the contents are unsuitable it is the responsibility of the advertiser to request to have them removed or changed. Virtual tours advertised on the site may have been sold conditionally or sold outright. It is the advertiser's/agent responsibility to remove a virtual tour when a listing is not active. Advertisers/Agents can remove a virtual tour by contacting a grafika360.com's representative.
grafika360.com does not guarantee information found on third party links off of the website and the content of third party links is the responsibility of the advertiser/agent. Upon request third party links can be removed within a reasonable time period.

Your Final Virtual Tour:
We will provide you 9 to 20 images for MLS system within 24 hours and final link to the virtual tour in 2 to 3 days. You shall be permitted to make minor changes (re-arrangement of pictures and changes in write up) within 12 hours after the virtual tour is published online, A fee of $40.00 charge will apply in the event that any changes are required thereafter. All branded or unbranded virtual tours are published on client's request online, as all clients are given a choice to select branded or unbranded virtual tours. So all publish virtual tours are agent's/client's responsibility. Once the branded or unbranded virtual tour is published there will be additional charges to make any changes. Your virtual tour will not be published or unpublished unless we receive all outstanding payments due.

Cancellations and Refunds:
A 24 hour phone/email cancellation notice will be required prior to any appointments;. otherwise a $25 late cancellation fee will be charged and no further work will be done until this charge is paid in full. It will be the responsibility of the client to make sure the premises is ready for a virtual tour before the agreed upon appointment time. If we are required to wait past the appointment time so the premises may be cleaned/made presentable or for any other reason cannot be worked on by us at the given appointment time, the appointment will either be re-scheduled for a $40 re-schedule charge, or if the client is unable to re-schedule, a charge of $20 per 30 minutes will apply for any time we have to spend waiting past the agreed upon appointment time. These charges will also have to be paid upfront in full before any further work will be done. While we at  Grafika360 Solutions Inc strive for your satisfaction in our work, we do not offer any refunds.

Please Note:
We make every effort to ensure that your property is presented in its best possible light; however, we don't stage homes. The photographer cannot and will not move furniture, clean, dust, move garbage or belongings, or pick up and/or move clutter (toys, dirty dishes, dog toys, etc.) as he/she has to concentrate/focus on photography task only. Please make sure that all the light bulbs in the ceiling fixtures and lamps are working, no vehicle should be on the driveway. You may describe area of scenes - i.e. Front Exterior, Living Room, Kitchen, and Master Bedroom etc. If not described, our photographer will use own discretion and imagination. In case of selecting "Neighborhood Attractions up to 10 Photos" agent/home owner has to provide locations/addresses prior to photoshoot as photographer will not do any research. There will be $19.99 charge for interactive slideshow hosted on our server if ordered Photos Only.

The home/business place MUST be ready for the photographer when he/she arrives. Upon arrival, our photographers can wait no longer than 15 minutes for additional home/office/business place preparations. In case of any delay occurs, your virtual tour will be rescheduled and you will be assessed a $40.00 rescheduling fee. After the original session, if for any reason, the photographer has to re-photograph any part of the property, full charges will apply.

Travel and Fuel Charges:
Additional travel surcharge will be applied if the virtual tour location is outside our regular GTA service area. $20.00 will be charged if the location is beyond the 25 kilometers radius of our office location. A charge of $0.85¢ /km will be charged if the location is beyond the 40 kilometers radius of our office location. 407 ETR Charges are included in the above price.

360 Panorama:
360 Panorama spins $19.99/each (Camera spinning on its axis) must be ordered at the time you place your order. We can not add additional spins after the property has been photographed. However, if required same charges will apply. Similarly no changes will be made after video is published online however if required same charges of video making will apply.

After you submit your credit card information online, your credit card will be processed on "Freshbooks" A Canadian based credit card payment processing company. You will see  WPY* Grafika360 Solutions Inc Transaction on your bank statement. If payment is made through credit card 2.9% credit card processing fee will apply. You have an option to pay through email transfer at sales@grafika360.com. processing fee will not apply.
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